1. General

Welcome to the IWI Online Store at iwi.net/shop (the “IWI Store” or “Site”). The IWI Store is a website operated by Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd. (“IWI,” “We,” “Us,” “Our”, “Company”).

These Terms of Use and Sale (“Terms of Use”) regulate your use of the Site operated by IWI. The services offered to you, as a casual visitor of the Site (the “User”) may include receiving information about the Company or services and products that it provides, subscribing to receive newsletters from the Company, a contact mechanism with the Company and the ability to purchase the Company’s products. The use of the Site is subject to these Terms of Use and to the terms of the privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) of the Company which can be viewed on the Site and which is an inseparable part of these Terms of Use. Please be sure to examine the Terms of Use before making any use of the Site. Using the Site, in effect, constitutes your consent to these Terms of Use. If you do not consent to the Terms of Use, in whole or in part, you are not authorized to make use of the Site.

The Company reserves the right to alter and update these Terms of Use. The updated Terms of Use may be viewed from time to time by clicking the appropriate link in the Site. Any use of the Site shall constitute renewed consent to these Terms of Use.

If you are under the age of 18, please read these Terms of Use carefully together with your parents (or another guardian). If you (or your parents) do not agree to the Terms of Use of the Site, in whole or in part, you are not authorized to use the Site for any purpose.

These Terms of Use are directed at you, however if you are acting on behalf of or for a business, these Terms of Use will apply to you and to the business.

In the event of any incompatibility between the stated in these Terms of Use and between the stated in any other informational pages in the Site, the stated in these Terms of Use shall govern.

  1. Access to the Site and the Personal Area

1.              As part of the services provided on the Site, the Company may allow certain Users, to perform certain actions by way of a dedicated personal account which will gain access to a personal area in ​​the Site (the “Personal Area“). Such actions may include the purchase of the Company’s products, reviewing certain information (such as previous purchases and billings) and any other actions which may be available therein.

2.              In order to register to the Site and gain access to the Personal Area, a User may be asked to provide the necessary registration information after which the User may be assigned or may be granted the option to choose appropriate means of access, including a username and a password (“Means of Access“).

3.              You must keep such Means of Access strictly confidential and refrain from disclosing it to any unauthorized third parties, including storing your data on a Device. Use of the Means of Access is solely personal, and you may only use the Means of Access assigned to you (to the extent such were assigned). You acknowledge that any use made of any of your Means of Access shall be deemed to be made by you personally. You undertake to bear all damages that may be caused by the use of your Means of Access (even if done by another) and you agree to indemnify the Company from any damage caused by such use.

for the purposes of these Terms of Use and Sale, a “Device” means a computer, communications equipment (including the modem), telephone device, cellphone device (including smartphones) and any other equipment, hardware or software that you use in your consumption of the Site, as well as any accompanying functions thereto, including information security.

4.              The Company may, from time to time, restrict access to certain areas, parts or content of the Site, or access to the entire Site to registered Users only. In this case, the User must ensure that all registration information provided to the Company is accurate. The User accepts without reservation that all of his information will be proof of his identity and is aware that the Company may rely on such information.

  1. Terms Relating to the Sale of Products to You

5.              The IWI Store is intended for use by Users who reside or are located in the country or region serviced by the Site, as there may be limits on where we can ship products. The serviced countries and regions may be specified in the Company’s shipping policy. To complete your purchase, you must have a valid billing and shipping address, within such serviced country or region.

6.              Before placing any order, the User must provide adequate identification and any other information as provided on the site. The identification information will be proof of the User’s identity. Alternatively, a User may elect to purchase items while logged in to its respective Personal Area, while utilizing the information already provided therein.

7.              The Company shall not be held liable for any damages caused by any errors, deficiencies, inaccuracies, or mistakes, intentional or otherwise, in the personal information provided by the User, and providing false personal information is strictly prohibited.

8.              You can order products by clicking the items that you wish to purchase, and filling out any options presented to you. The User will be required to check and correct any error in the information he filled in the order up to the point where the order will be sent to the Company by clicking the final purchase key at the check-out.

After concluding and placing the order, the User will receive an e-mail confirming that the order has been received and accepted, including the order number.  IWI may refuse or reject any order at any time, refunding you any sums that you may have paid for the order, for reasons which include, but are not limited to, if you have not met the conditions specified at the time of the order, if your payment cannot be processed, if the ordered products or services are not available, or for obvious errors on the Site or made in connection with your order. Credits or refunds will be made to the same method of payment and account used to place the order.

9.              The products are offered as long as they are posted on the Site (and no applicable unavailability comment is provided), except in the case of special offers, in which case the date of expiry of those special offers shall be noted on the site. The User is required to check the product availability on each relevant product page. Notwithstanding the above, in the event that an ordered product is unavailable, for any reason (even if a specific order has been priory approved) the Company shall be entitled to cancel the order, in which case a notice will be sent accordingly. If an order is made for a number of products and one of them is unavailable, an appropriate notice will be delivered while the remaining part of the order will be handled within the time frame specified on the Site.

10.              When placing an order, a User shall be asked to choose an applicable delivery option. Delivery shall be performed in accordance with the applicable terms of delivery as publicized on the Site from time to time. The delivery of the order will be carried out by the date specified in the order confirmation, except in the event when unusual circumstances exist. We cannot specify the exact time the delivery will arrive.

11.              The Company shall not be responsible for delays in the delivery of the order due to events that are not under its control, such as computer malfunctions, downtime or sorting errors in the mail service, malfunctions in the computer system or telephone systems that will harm the completion of the purchase process or malfunctions in the e-mail service or courier service or that were caused as a result of any force majeure event.

12.              Products that were ordered will be under the User’s responsibility immediately after their delivery or pick up by the Users. Ownership of the products will also be transferred to the User at the time of delivery or collection (as the case may be) provided that all amounts due to the Company in relation to the products, including any shipping costs, have been fully paid.

13.              Prices shown on the Site exclude all taxes or charges (“Taxes”) that may apply to your purchase. Prices shown on the Site also exclude delivery costs. Taxes and delivery costs which IWI may deem applicable will be added to the amount of your purchase and shown on the check-out page, however additional taxes or levies may be applicable in accordance with appropriate and applicable laws (such as customs fees) and such taxed and levies shall be at User’s responsibility and expense. You will have an opportunity to review the taxes and delivery costs before you confirm your purchase. Each item in your Shopping Cart is shown at the current price.

14.              If the User wishes to cancel a purchase made on the site he will be entitled to do so within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the product or from the date of receipt of the delivery certificate containing the details regarding he product (whichever is later), all against presenting an invoice or receipt or other proof of execution of the transaction and returning the relevant product. The User will be required to contact customer service to return the original product and provide the necessary documentation as detailed above. The Products shall be returned to the applicable IWI distribution center, as may be determined by IWI’s customer service. The User shall be charged a cancellation fee in the amount of 100 NIS (or the equivalent amount in foreign currency) or 5% of the purchase cost (whichever is lowest).

The right of cancelation shall not apply regarding the following types of products:

14.1.        Products that were harmed, damaged, or used in any way, shape, or form.

14.2.        Consumable products such as drinks or foods and products that may lose value or which may spoil by the time they are they are returned.

14.3.        Custom made Products.

14.4.        Swimwear or underwear.

  1. Use of the Site

15.              You are hereby authorized to make use of the Site in accordance with the rules and guidelines set out below. The Site may not be used in any other manner without obtaining the express prior written consent of the Company, and subject to the terms of such consent (if granted).

16.              You are hereby authorized to use the Site solely for private and personal purposes, and you may not copy and use, or allow others to use contents of the Site, including other websites, electronic and printed publications etc., in any way and for any purpose, whether commercial or otherwise, that is not for the purpose of personal and private use. For the removal of doubt, the Products marketed through the IWI Store are intended to be purchased by private and individual Users only. Any remarketing, redistribution or further commercial sale of the Product is strictly prohibited.

17.              No computer application or other means may be operated or allowed to be operated, including software such as Robots, Crawlers and such, for the purpose of automatically searching, scanning, copying or reconstructing content from the Site. This includes using such means to create a collection, reserve or database including contents from the Site.

18.              Contents from the Site may not be displayed in a frame, whether revealed or hidden.

19.              Contents from the Site may not be displayed in any manner – including using any software, Device, accessory or communication protocol – that alters its design or removes any contents from them, including, in particular, advertisements and commercial content.

20.              You may not link the Site to any website containing pornographic content, content inciting to racism or unlawful discrimination, illegal content, or whose advertisement is illegal or incites to illegal activity.

21.              You may not link to content from the Site, which is not the home page of the Site (“Deep Link“) and you may not display or publish such content in any other way unless the Deep Link is to a web page in the site in its entirety and as is, so it is seen and used in the same manner as it appears and is being used in the Site. In this context, it is prohibited to link to content from the Site, apart from the web pages on which they appear on the sites (for example: it is prohibited to link directly from the Site to a picture or a graphics file. A link to the full web page in which they appear, is allowed). Also, the exact URL of the web page on the Site should appear in the usual place designated for this in the user interface, for example: in the status bar in the user’s browser. This address may not be altered, misrepresented, or replaced at any other address.

22.              The Company may instruct you to cancel any such Deep Link at its sole discretion. In this case you will immediately cancel the Deep Link and you will have no claim or demand against the Company in this matter.

23.              The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by links to contents from the Site and of any portrayal or advertisement of such contents in any other manner. You are fully and exclusively responsible for any link, portrayal or advertisements of the contents made by you and undertake to indemnify the Company for any damage it may suffer as a result.

24.              Embedding – a User may not embed video clips from the Site without the prior written consent of the Company, on any site, including those containing or hosting: pornographic contents, content inciting to racism or unlawful discrimination, illegal content, or whose advertisement is illegal or incites to illegal activity, or sites that the very fact of embedding a video within them shall create a breach of moral copyrights of a third party including the creators of the video clip and the copyrights owners of it. The Company reserves the right not to allow the embedding of videos or change the link to the video without the need to notify you in advance and you will have no claim or demand against the Company for making such changes or malfunctions that occur as they occur. The Company may instruct you to cancel any such implementation at its sole discretion – in such case, you will cancel the implementation immediately and you shall have no claim or demand against the Company in this matter. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by embedding videos from the Site. You are fully and exclusively responsible for any assimilation made by you, including the regulation of copyright and payment to the respective copyright societies / performers in accordance with any law, and undertake to indemnify the Company for any damage it may suffer as a result.

25.              You hereby undertake not to perform the following actions (in whole or in part):

25.1.        Impersonating any person or legal entity apart from the User of the Site.

25.2.        Uploading, sending or broadcasting any materials containing any kind of computer virus, or any other computer code intended to ruin, disrupt, or limit the use (including any other use, apart from fair and reasonable use of the Site) of any of the computers, servers, hardware or software used by the Company to operate the Site.

25.3.        Distributing spam mail or any other mail using the servers through which the Site is operated.

25.4.        Altering, processing, adapting, sublicensing, translating, selling, reverse-engineering, dismantling or reconstructing any of the parts of the code that comprise the Site, as well as any such actions in respect of the hardware or software used in the operation of the Site.

25.5.        Violate the copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights found in the framework of the Site.

25.6.        Transfer or display of the Site or any part thereof, in a frame within an internet page or other application, or as a part of another internet page or application (a mirror), or as a part of another service, without the prior written consent of the Company.

25.7.        Use Robots, Spiders, data search and recovery engines, or any other automated tools or manual tools intended to index, recover and locate data found in the Site, or such tools intended to expose the structure of the database and code contained in the Site.

25.8.        To disrupt, in any other manner, or interrupt the operation of the Site, including by disrupting the activity of the server and the network of computers connected to the Site.

25.9.        To upload or to send through the Site, any materials or messages that are illegal, immoral or offensive in any manner, or that are irrelevant.

25.10.    To Make any use of the Site not in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Use.

25.11.    Without derogating from the foregoing, the Company may remove or edit messages you upload to the Site, at its sole discretion (to the extent that uploading such messages is made possible in the framework of the Site).

25.12.    You hereby undertake not to make any illegal use of the Site or the Device.

25.13.    You hereby undertake not to make any use of the Site that could violate the copyrights or intellectual property rights of the Company, of companies that advertise their services through the Site, or of any other party.

25.14.    The User has the right to use the data presented in the Site only for its personal and private use. No commercial or for-profit use may be made of any data contained in the Site, and the User may not authorize third parties to make any use of the data, whether for consideration or otherwise. It is hereby clarified that data advertised on the Site may not be used for displaying on the internet or on another service without the prior written consent of the Company, and subject to these Terms of Use. The User undertakes not to store data displayed in the Site using various types of software, nor to distribute data displayed in the Site in public in a commercial manner or framework, or for any other purpose. The Site may not be presented in a different design or graphical interface other than those determined by the Company, other than subject to the prior written consent of the Company. The Site may not be displayed in a manner that derogates from the form of any contents contained therein.

  1. User Content

26.              The Site may, from time to time, allow the User to upload user-generated content and may allow such content to be published, whether for other users or public areas, such as comment pages, chat rooms, forums or newsgroups (collectively referred to as “User Content Areas“). The Company does not control content sent to User Content Areas (collectively referred to as “User Content“), and User Content Areas may not actively monitored. 

The term “Content” means any element sent or uploaded by the User to the Site, such as text, response, image, photograph, video or file of any kind, in any form and containing any content.

27.              The User will be responsible for the User’s content created by him as sent by him and the contents of the Users express the opinions its creator writers, and not the opinions of the Company.

28.              Upon such publication, the User warrants that all User Content will be relevant to the purposes of the User Content areas and the nature of each subject. The User undertakes not to upload content with the following characteristics: (1) it is illegal, threatening, violent, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, vulgar, callous, offensive or infringing intellectual property rights or other rights of any third party; (2) it contains viruses and/or any other software containing contaminating or destructive components; (3) it contains advertisements of any kind; and/or (4) it impersonates or misrepresents a relationship with any person or entity.

29.              The User will be responsible for anything that could or may occur from his computer terminal in general, and especially in the case of publishing content on the site. The User declares and undertakes that he has all the rights and permissions necessary to publish content on the Site, and in particular under applicable law and intellectual property rights.

30.              Although the Company does not filter User Content in advance, the Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to delete, remove, alter, censure, rephrase or refuse to publicize (in full or in part) any User Content posted, and to close any thread, at any time and without notice to you.

  1. Property and Intellectual Property

31.              The Company or the party issuing the right to use them to the Company, holds all rights to the intellectual property and to the copyrights in the Site and the services or whatever content provided therein (including text, graphics, software, photographs and other pictures, videos, tones, trademarks and trade symbols). One shall not copy, distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, transfer to the public, amend, process, create derivative of, sell or lease any part of the foregoing, whether on its own or through or in cooperation with any third party, in any way or using any means, whether electronic, mechanical, optical, through photographic or recording means, or any other means, without obtaining the prior written consent of the Company or other rights holders, as applicable, and subject to the terms of such consent (if granted). This provision is effective in respect of any processing, editing or translation performed by the Company on contents input or provided by you to the Site.

32.              If and to the extent that such consent is granted, you must refrain from removing, deleting or obscuring any message or symbol in respect of the intellectual property rights, such as copyright symbols (©), trademark symbols (™) or commercial symbols (®) associated with the contents that you use.

33.              Trademarks and advertisements of parties advertising in the Site are the sole property of such advertisers. No use may be made of these, as well, without the prior written consent of the advertisers.

34.              You hereby grant the Company irrevocable and unconditional consent to make use of the information you provided to the Company (details about its collection and retention is to be found in the Privacy Policy) or that was collected automatically while you browsed the Site, to create anonymous statistical data, including generating Averaged Data, Aggregated Data, performance tests or Benchmarks; user preferences, comparisons, recommendations or other calculations, or creating derivative products based on the information provided by you or collected about you, whether combined with information received from third parties or otherwise (said actions and their products being jointly termed “Statistical Data”). Without derogating from the foregoing, it is clarified that the Statistical Data is the sole property of the Company, and that it owns all rights, including copyrights and intellectual property rights, in respect of the Statistical Data. The Company shall hold an unlimited right to use, update, alter, improve, sell, lease, create derivatives of or make any other use of the Statistical Data, without being required to give notice or bear any other duty or liability toward you. To avoid any doubt, you hereby assign all rights in the Statistical Data to the Company, and hereby waive any right in the Statistical Data or any claim in connection with the use thereof.

  1. Remedies

35.              The Company shall be entitled, at any time and without prior notice, to give notice of inaccurate or erroneous information you provided to it, to restrict your access to the Site and to refuse to provide you with access to the Site in the event of the occurrence of one or more of the following:

35.1.        There is concern that you breached the provisions of these Terms of Use;

35.2.        It is unable to verify or validate information you provided;

35.3.        It believes that your use of the Site represents a financial risk, fraud or it believes there is a reasonable risk of financial risk or fraud;

35.4.        It believes that your activity may cause you, the Company or its community of Users, financial loss, payments due or legal liability.

  1. Liability and Risk

36.              Although the Company endeavors to ensure that all information contained on the Site is correct and accurate, the purpose of the Site is not to act as a source of authority or provide advice on which one can rely. The Company does not guarantee that any content or information published on the Site is accurate, complete, up to date, correct, reliable, uniform, of a high standard, fit for a particular purpose, relevant or authentic and the use of the Site shall be based on an “As-Is” and “As-Available” basis.

37.              The Company shall not be liable or responsible, whether directly or indirectly, to compensate for any damage caused by the information appearing on the Site or caused by the use or the inability to use the Site, or anything related to it.

38.              It is clarified that the Company’s systems, by virtue of being based on software, hardware and communications networks, are exposed to the risks inherent in systems of these kinds, including harmful software (viruses, trojan horses etc.), wiretapping, infiltration by hostile parties, identity theft and other online fraud. The Company invests efforts in protecting against these risks; however, it is not possible to completely block these risks, and damages or losses may be incurred as a result of the realization of any of these risks, including the exposure or corruption of information provided to or displayed by the systems, including the corruption of instructions/requests; unauthorized account activity; corruption of the use of the systems or its response times, including the failure to perform, faulty performance or delayed performance of any instruction/request, unavailability of the systems or any of their services and so forth.

39.              Without derogating from the provisions of these Terms of Use, the Company is exempted from liability for any damages, losses or expenses you may incur, directly or indirectly, as a result of one of the following events/factors:

39.1.        Corruption of data or instructions, or failure or delay in performance of instructions as a result of malfunctions or other disruptions in the lines of communication or electronic functionality or mechanical failure, whether on your part or between the Company and any third party through which instructions and data are transferred.

39.2.        Faulty performance of any software or hardware in your possession.

39.3.        Exposure and disclosure of information to any third party which results from your use of the Site, or as a result of your provision of inaccurate information, or as a result of you giving your Device to a third party, including for the purpose of repairing your Device, and including in the event that such third-party views information received from the Company on your Device or performs different actions in the framework of the Site.

40.              It is clarified that the foregoing does not derogate from your responsibility in respect of your Device, including in respect of its security. Furthermore, it is clarified that certain actions performed with the Device, such as “jailbreaking” it, may harm the security of the information and the use of the Site, in addition to some such actions being illegal and forbidden.

41.              Product Warranty

41.1.        Even though the Company takes reasonable steps to describe the products as accurately as possible, the actual details (such as color, pattern, texture, etc.) that appear on the screen are dependent on various other elements (such as the computer screen used by the User), and as such it is possible that they may not represent the product information accurately.

41.2.        Some of the products sold on the Website may be covered by warranty for the period specified on the product information page on the Website and the information accompanying the product.

41.3.        The terms of cancelation and return of the products, if applicable, are as specified in these Terms of Use or as may be further detailed on the Site and updated from time to time.

  1. Privacy

42.              Any use of the Site is subject to consent to the Privacy Policy in full. If you do not consent to a term of the Privacy Policy, please refrain from using the Site.

  1. Third Party Websites and Services

43.              From time to time, the Site may contain links to external sites, or contain functions, aids, extensions, widgets or tools that may be operated by third parties, lead to websites belonging to third parties, offer information regarding third parties or offer services of third parties (“Third-Party Services”). The purpose of posting the links is to provide the User with access to information, products, or services that may be of interest to or useful to the User, including in order to provide the User with various tools that may improve its experience on the Site (such as a chat extension with a live or virtual agent). Your use of Third-Party Services is subject to the provisions determined by those third parties, including the terms of use and privacy policies of those third parties in respect of any Third-Party Service. The Company shall not be liable for Third-Party Services or for anything existing in them, and the Company does not guarantee that they will be available continuously, if at all. The fact that the Company publishes links to Third-Party Services or allows the use thereof through the Site does not mean that it supports its operators or their advertisers, or that it is affiliated with them in any way.

44.              Third-Party Services appearing on the Site should not be construed as a recommendation, preference, or authorization to use the material or content or products appearing in the Third-Party Services, and the User should consider any Third-Party Services with extreme caution. Furthermore, these Third-Party Services should not be construed as a guarantee of the reliability, accuracy or completeness of the information contained therein. By clicking a link leading to a Third-Party Service, the User waives any claim or demand or lawsuit against the Company for any damage, payment or loss caused to it (if caused) as a result of the reliance or use of the information appearing in such Third-Party Services.

  1. Securing the Site

45.              The Company sees great importance in its Users data security and invests considerable resources for securing information confidentiality. It is within this framework, that the Company makes use of many security measures.

46.              The Company does not check the information and content which appear on-line, except for defending its network, and therefore, you are responsible to take appropriate security measures (such as against viruses, computer infiltration, loss of information, exposing of secrets etc.), which emanate from links to external communications networks or from the capability to receive files and other information from different sources, and any use you do in the Site is at your own responsibility, alone.

  1. Notifications and updates

47.              You may receive different updates and messages from the Company, including promotional messages and materials, by mail, e-mail, text-messages, facsimile, automated dialing machine or by any other communications medium, in accordance with applicable law.

  1. Governing Law

48.              The use of the Site shall be governed by the laws of the State of Israel only. Any disagreement or dispute relating to the Site shall be decided exclusively by a court of competent jurisdiction in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel, only.