Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), located in the center of Israel, has been a world leader in the production, marketing, design, and development of unrivalled weapons for over 85 years. IWI’s products are deployed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and worldwide. All of IWI’s weapons have been battle proven around the world under adverse and extreme environmental conditions.

IWI is a member of the SK Group, consisting of companies in the defense scope manufacturing a wide array of unique and matchless products worldwide.

The company’s weapon systems include the New CARMEL® and ARAD® Assault Rifles, the trust worthy TAVOR® Rifles, the X95® (Assault Rifle & SMG), the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) TAVOR 7®,  the reliable NEGEV® Light Machine Guns, the well-known GALIL ACE® Assault Rifles, the renowned GALIL SNIPER® S.A. Rifle, DAN.338® Bolt Action Sniper Rifle, the legendary UZI® SMG in its latest evolution – UZI® PRO the acclaimed JERICHO® pistols and the new MASADA® striker-fired pistol. All these small arms have been considered weapons of choice by Governmental, Military and Police Entities, as well as Law Enforcement Agencies around the world, along with commercial markets.

The company’s firearms are developed in close collaboration with Israel Defense Forces (IDF). IWI and the IDF have established joint Research & Development teams to create these weapons, whose ultimate configurations are the product of ongoing interaction, field tests, and modifications resulting from combat requirements and experience.

All IWI weapon systems comply with the most stringent military standards (MIL-STD) and ISO 9000 standards, applied by the IDF.

IWI US is a subsidiary company active in the USA  governmental and commercial markets and has successfully commenced its business operations and exceeded expectations; the TAVOR® SAR – only in its first year in the USA – has been selected by American Rifleman Magazine for the prestigious Golden Bullseye Award as the Rifle of the Year. This award is a symbol of excellence and innovation in firearms.

The expansion is a natural extension of the company’s global strategy. IWI also focuses on upgrading existing military platforms adapting technologies and know-how to the customers’ requirements, thus providing cost-effective solutions while improving their capabilities. As a member of the SK Group, customers can benefit from the strong synergy among the companies, with the ability to provide a thorough operational solution to each customer’s demands and needs.

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SK Group represents some of the world’s top defense and homeland security enterprises in shipping, small weapons and optical systems.

The privately-held group owns a portfolio of companies spanning over 80 years of activityDrawing on a culture of innovation and battle-proven solutions, the SK Group offers a track-record of technology, experience and partnership.

SK Group members partner to synergize their products and systems in battlefield and urban environments, empowering global customers with strategic and tactical mission success.


The companies develop combat-proven technologies that grew out of Israel’s leading defense industry:

Israel Weapons Industries, developer of the legendary UZI, GALIL and NEGEV is now setting new standards with the X95, TAVOR, ACE, JERICHO pistols and the GALIL SNIPER and the new DAN sniper rifle.

The first company in the Western world to introduce a fast attack missile boat continues to defend coastlines, operate Israel’s only private port, and provide a range of sea and land commercial and heavy industry products.

Leads in optic, thermal, tritium, and laser products that can be critical force multipliers in complex, rapidly changing night and day scenarios.

A pioneer and leader in Sense-Through-the-Wall solutions which are being integrated into modern armies for urban warfare.

A property and real estate developer of commercial and office centers and buildings at strategic locations in Israel.

Israel Weapon Industries (I.W.I) Ltd. (“IWI”) is subject to the Israeli anti-corruption laws and to the OECD anti-bribery convention combating corruption and bribery of foreign public officials in international business environment.

As such, the Board of Directors of IWI has adopted Compliance Program which applies zero tolerance for any acts of corruption and/or bribery. This program applies for all IWI’s business activities, in any foreign countries, within any business interaction, both direct and/or through business partners.

The main purpose of the Compliance Program is to ensure fulfillment of the applicable legal guidelines which prohibit, among other, corruption and bribery of local and foreign public/government officials.          IWI fully committed to conducting its business ethically and honestly based on values of integrity, transparency and accountability. IWI expresses a strong explicit support for its directors, officers, employees and agents to ensure these values are honored by them.

By adopting Compliance Program and by establishing clear policy, control and supervision mechanism IWI aims to participate in any international business opportunity fairly and ethically preventing any corruption and bribery of foreign civil servants.

As a part of active and visible commitment to the implementation of Compliance Program, IWI’s Compliance Officer is a company’s officer reporting to the CEO. The Compliance Officer is responsible for implementation of the Program, for managing of Due Diligence procedures, anti-corruption training, period risk assessment and any other activities related to the Compliance Program.

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